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game designer




PGA 2K23


2020 - 2022

  • Key driver for 5 major features within the MyCareer Mode. Increasing our utilization of Licensed Pros and real-world brands and adding highly requested features like having Playoffs at events.

  • Directed the development of Topgolf, a brand-new marquee mode, from concept to launch. Collaborated with Topgolf's team to develop unique arcade gameplay mechanics that stand out from the rest of the game's tone. Created and tested prototypes to refine gameplay.

  • Managed the teams working on my features and reporting progress, blockers, and contingency plans to production.

  • Oversaw key live-ops pieces after unexpected staffing changes. Handling overall system design, reward structure, and collating a list of ideal rewards from our brand partners for approval.


PGA 2K21

hb studios


  • Drove design for several brand-new game-modes, and adapted pre-existing modes to support a shorter game loop than anywhere else in the game.

  • Oversaw studio wide playtests from preparation, support during allotted time, to collating collected data and creating actionable Change Requests and Bugs and advised production about Design’s priority on these tickets.

  • Established a tool designed to create in-game promotional toasts on the fly and set up several throughout the post-launch life cycle, including the game’s ESeries events. 



Certain Affinity

2019 - 2020

  • Presented with the design challenge to create a game that is a 4-player co-op ability fps boss battle.

  • Applied feedback received weekly from Certain Affinity’s lead designer.

  • Self-directed development, iterated on our development pipeline alongside our game.

  • Created a boss AI that responded to player behavior and created an interesting difficultly curve throughout the match.

  • Designed gunplay that encouraged player interaction and experimentation with two guns that had abilities that had synergy with each other, and greatly rewarded the player for working together. 


As the End Drew Near



  • Developed prototype with brand new technology, including a variety of VR setups, Depthkit, and Volumetric capture. 

  • Agile workflow to build, test, and iterate on game.

  • Complied research on Volumetric video and full motion video in interactive media.

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