Bleater Feeder

December 2017 - 12 Hours - Team of 5

Bleater Feeder was created by a team of 5 in 12 hours. This was also the entire team's first time making a full 3D game. 

We decided on making a game with multiple player controllers so depending on which controller a player got they had to approach our level differently, so each run through of the gameplay loop was different 


My Roles:

-ideation and concept 

- core gameplay design and game loop

-sheep control design

-UI/UX design and implementation

-aesthetic and post processing work

-3D asset model, texture, and implementation   


Gameplay Loop


Sheep Controller


For the different controllers we decided on using random generators to create a wide variety of sheep controllers, and we attached this to their colour value to create a colour array of sheep to choose from.


Jump Height


Taste Value

(How much time is added if fed to the dragon)

To achieve this, we hooked up an RGB colour wheel to the random stats the sheep can have. So the stronger stat a sheep has, the more of that colour they will have, resulting in a blend of colours.


A red sheep runs really fast


A blue sheep will add more time to the hunger bar than other sheep


However, a purple sheep will run fast and add a lot of extra time


This also resulted in a side effect of white sheep being very poor (lack of colour, lack of stats), and black sheep being very useful as black means all colours are present, so all stats are.


Size is entirely random and has no effect on any stats

Dragon Model


This is a low poly dragon model I did in 4 hours. It was Modeled in 3DsMax and textured in Maya.

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