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Forever Spaghetters

February 2018 - 48 Hours - Team of 9

Forever Spaghetters was our teams creation for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was Transmission, and we wanted to do a game on "transmitting" love, and meatballs. 

Our team was very large for a jam, however we were very organized and planned thoroughly. This allowed us to successfully create our first VR game. 

My Roles:
Game Designer
3D Artist

Gameplay Progression


Originally we broke the game up into rounds, and for every new round the player would grow longer so the player had to throw farther, as well cockroaches would be spawned per round.


However, the table jumping in size was very disorientating in VR, and the cockroaches spawning at rounds felt too arbitrary.   

To fix this we switched it so the table continuously grew longer, and cockroaches would spawn after the previous set was entirely killed off. 


Here's a video of me testing and early prototype

Table Design

The biggest issue we had with the table was that as it grew the texture stretched out and looked horrendous.


To fix this I pitched that I create a 3D rig for the table, this was we could maintain the ends of the table so that the legs didn't get distorted. As well as the area directly in front of the player, so the texture that would be stretched would not be in view. 


Here is a gif of me playing with the table rig

VR Design

Since we were designing in VR we also wanted to utilize the 360 immersion that the medium grants us. In order to do this we placed a few items in front of the player so they can learn to kill roaches with it.

However, we also placed bigger and better items behind the player to reward the player for using the whole environment. 

VR Design
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