Poopin' Pigeon Sim

October 2018 - 1 Week - Team of 3

Poopin' Pigeon Sim was created during a school game jam. The challenge was to create a game with an alternative controller. 

Our goal was to create a game that is as fun to watch as to play.

The game itself is about playing as a pigeon and pooping on things around a city.

My Roles:
Game Designer
UI/UX Designer
3D Artist


Game Loop


We wanted shorter interactions with the game to cycle through as many players as possible.

Which means we needed an end state.

connected by eating seeds





connected by how much you poop





Less food eaten

More food eaten

Pigeon's Speed

Game ends when energy reaches zero

Players now earn points and control speed by pooping. Seeds slow down the player but also gain 'ammo', and increase their energy, which acts as health

Wing Alt.Cntrl Design


Shoots of process work during the week

Wing Rig Design


Pigeon Wing for reference


Shoulder support

for stability

Wrist strap for control

Wii Control

Concept for making a pocket

for the wii mote to rest in

on the wing

Concept for wing

thicker and having the wii mote rest between them

The Wii motes accelerometer's z axis specifically for steering. 

The pocket was chosen in favor of less materials required 


The Z axis is used for steering left and right. Whereas the X axis is used to turning the camera up and down

A Wii mote will be placed in both wings, however only one is needed to play.

This is to create the illusion  that both wings are required to play


To account for subtle differences in how players hold the wings, a "dead zone" is required where between two readings the pigeon will fly straight

Turn Left

Dead zone

Turn Right

Pigeon Update2.png

This is the chart shows readings from the accelerometer, and what direction the pigeon will move in

Poop Alt.Cntrl Design


The design for the controls for the player pooping was to have the player sit on a whoopee cushion.  


Controller required the whoopee cushion input to be reliable, and the controller durable.


We designed a platform with tin foil, and then the whoopee cushion suspended by springs also with tin foil on it.


For extra durability this was the final concept design.

This is what the final rig looked like