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Published Work:
VR in Medical training

A presentation on the future of VR training in the medical field that was published by Sheridan College. 

Cleveland, Heather, "VR Technology in Medical Training" (2019). Publications and Scholarship. 16.

Guest Speaker:
GROWSTEM: Grow gaming

GrowSTEM is a student run group looking at making STEM programs more accessible for women. GROWGAMING was an event in partnership with the Game Development Students Association from Ontario Tech University. 

I gave a talk to high school students about my pathway into the games industry and explained what I do as a game designer. Afterwards I did a Q&A, and then played games with the students. 

Guest Speaker:
My Art Wears a mask podcast

Myself and my friend Stephan Reilly were on a podcast by talking about how the games industry was affected by the pandemic, and how our lives and work changed.

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